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D+Z brand products

In the spring of 2006, Drendel+Zweiling Diamant GmbH in Berlin, a traditional manufacturer of diamond and CBN grinding tools in Germany, ceased its production of electroplated industrial tools. The decision had been made to focus entirely on producing instruments for the dental sector, and the company now permits us to manufacture industrial products under the D+Z brand name.

Product range
You benefit from a comprehensive product range incorporating our broad spectrum of manufacturing capabilities. This includes special products such as our precision cutting discs with penetrated rims (Type 34), penetrated core drills (Type 65), and custom tools with diameters of up to 500 mm. Since 2006, we have also been supplying diamond and CBN tools with a resin bond from the production of a subsequent company in the customary D+Z quality.

We continue to offer practically the entire range of electroplated diamond files and diamond/CBN mandrels from Drendel + Zweiling Diamant GmbH with the same technical specifications. Above all, this includes the use of specific blanks and grits and, in the case of files, low-wear hard chrome layers.

Product sheets for the D+Z products can be found here
For your orientation, both the D+Z order numbers and fis article numbers are given in the tables.
  • Grinding
  • Internal grinding
  • Cutting
  • Filing

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