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Current information

For 2 years now, people around the world have had to face the unusual challenge posed by the COVID-19 virus in their everyday lives, in medicine, politics and business. We had all been affected by the pandemic, which is not quite over yet.

Like many other companies, we managed to keep our employees healthy and to stop the spread of the virus through organizational measures. In the meantime, new routines have emerged, some of which will probably be preserved.

The availability of the materials we need is guaranteed based on the current state of affairs. Our delivery times are not only comparable to the time before the pandemic, but have even improved for some products and services.

Nevertheless, our focus is on current global political events that have an impact on the availability of energy and, above all, its price. This is not the only reason why we have been working for some time to reduce our energy requirements and, for example, to obtain electricity from non-fossil sources.

fis – diamond and CBN grinding tools

Finzler, Schrock & Kimmel GmbH (fis) in Bad Ems manufactures electroplated diamond and CBN grinding tools. These abrasive tools are used as grinding wheels, burs, cutting discs and files in the industry as well as in dental medicine and dental systems.

As a medium-sized enterprise, fis can build on its many decades of experience in developing and producing electroplated diamond and CBN tools.

By means of practical application and manufacturing developments, we have succeeded in establishing a leading position as producer of such tools. The electroplating systems we use were developed and installed based solely on proprietary concepts. In close cooperation with our customers on the one hand and our suppliers on the other, we take on the challenge of developing the best possible solutions.

For several years now, fis has also been manufacturing and suppling D+Z electroplated grinding tools and tools with resin bonding for industrial applications.

Convincing quality and their unique characteristics place our products in an exceptional position - yet at competitive prices.

Industrial products

The focal point of our production revolves around electroplated grinding tools with diamond or CBN grit. High-precision mechanical processes and ...  continue >>>
Dental products
Our assortment of diamond tools for the dental sector ranges from FG burs through to plaster trimmer wheels. We are the only manufacturer that supplies rotating diamond instruments for turbines, not only in ...  continue >>>

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